Hand Raised Quaker Parrots For Sale.

All of our babies have been sold for this season. We will have more babies available to go to new homes approximately Mid December 2016

Our order book fills up quickly, order early to get ahead in the queue.Text or Call 0467409765

Prices: $350 for a green Quaker and $400 for a blue Quaker Parrot.
We are located in Melbourne Victoria and freight Australia wide.

Quaker parrots are amongst the top 10 talking parrots in the world
and YES the GIRLS talk just as well as the boys see video below...

All of our babies come with DNA sex certificates.

Prices $350 for a green Quaker Parrot and $400 for a Blue Quaker Parrot

Order now to avoid disappointment.

Simply text or call 0467409765


If you are looking to buy your first pet parrot then we have some great news for you!

We have written an eBook especially for first time parrot owners.

In the book we guide you every step of the way and cover things like:

  • How to choose the ideal tame parrot as a family pet.
  • Signs to look for when choosing your new parrot.
  • Which parrots are good for children.
  • Where to place their cage.
  • Which cooking pans give off a deadly poisonous gas.
  • Basic training.

Even second parrot owners have told us, they wish they had this book when they had there first parrot.

To learn more click the banner below...

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Happy Quaker Parrots :-) Some of them have just finished having their bath

Here's a lovely testimonial from Mindi about her new Quaker Parrot............

Thank you once again for our beautiful bird Lizzy she has settled in really well. The kids love her and she has definitely got a good bond with our 5 year old daughter and myself. We have found her favourite food at the moment is oranges and if you dare try and walk past her without saying hello she carries on until you acknowledge her! Her favourite spot is the clotheshorse in front of the window (when she not sitting on our shoulders) and we believe she is not far off saying 'hello' she nearly says it.
Lizzy is an amazing and cuddly bird and we couldn't imagine our family without her!
Regards Mindi
More Testimonials

Well breeding season will be under way in October 2013, Many people want their new Quaker for Christmas so to avoid disappointment place your order now!

All our baby hand raised Quaker Parrots come a DNA certified so you can choose a male or female, they are taught

to step up and are fully weened onto solid food before going to new homes.

Prices $350 for a green Quaker Parrot and $400 for a Blue Quaker Parrot

Last season we sent Quaker Parrots to Queensland, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra,and Albury.

So freighting your baby Quaker to wherever you may be is no problem for us.

We currently have orders this year for

Townsville , Mt Gambier , Sydney , Victoria , Adelaide , Queensland , Canberra and yes!! N.T.

Just look at some or our happy customers Click Here

Hmm do you have doubts whether a Quaker Parrot can talk????

A few Facts about the Quaker Parrot

  • Apart from being cute and cuddly Quakers in captivity can live up to 30 years old. Some reports as old as 40.

  • Did you know that Quakers are listed as one of the top ten best talking birds in the world!

  • 1 person reports his bird was copying his laugh within 5 weeks of being purchased.

  • I've heard of Quakers saying up to 5 sentences continuously.

  • I've also heard of Quakers saying there first words with in 3 months.

  • But not all Quakers are the same it all comes back to the attention they receive from there owner.

How could you not love a Quaker?

This is little Jerry bought by Steve & Anca now living in a beautiful Apartment
in Melbourne. Thanks Anca, keep those pictures coming!

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