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All of our babies have been sold for this season. We will have more babies to go out to new homes Mid November 2016

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If you are looking to buy your first hand raised parrot or would like to add another one to your family then we have some great news for you...
With over 15 years experience, we can guide you in the right direction with picking your new hand raised parrot.

Why pay $700+ for a half tame, unsexed Quaker Parrot from a pet shop? When you can get your Quaker from a trusted breeder and save yourself the heartache and money..

Our Prices:

Green Quaker with DNA Certificate $350
Blue Quaker with DNA Certificate $400

All of our babies are professionally hand raised by us

Why Should you trust us?

We understand that it is hard to trust everyone especially on the internet when it comes to hand raised birds so we thought the best way to gain your trust is to share our other customers experiences with you.

Here is what Keith had to say who bought a Green Quaker Parrot for he's dad...

Hi Georgina :)
Gustavo is a wonderful addition to the family and has filled the hole left by my father's previous bird. He is constantly up to mischief and is trying to talk but is saying words too fast so it doesn't make sense but you can hear him trying... He is the most well natured loving bird we have ever had... Friendly to all ages even my little niece and nephew love playing with him... I also have some photos of him on top of my cat... Thank you very much for raising such a beautiful bird. I recommend you to anyone looking for a top of the line well brought up bird.

Keith's dad with 'Gustavo

Here is a testimonial from Arnold

"I got my Quaker Parrot, Moses, from Georgina at hand raised parrots in December 2015. When I spoke to her on the phone for the first time, I immediately felt her strong sense of responsibilty as a breeder. She told me my Baby Quaker can only leave her when she is absolutely sure he is ready and feeding himself.
Moses brings me so much happiness because he is a well adjusted Quaker Parrot and is very healthy. He has the most beautiful plumage and is a good sized bird. Most of all, I believe because he was lovingly hand-raised by Georgina, he took to me and humans very eagerly.
Today at 6.5 months old, my Moses can say the following words: Thank you, I love you, Oh My God, What happened, What's that? (whenever he sees me eating!), Hello, Meow Meow, and he can even say Jack and Jill and the last word of every line in that nursery rhyme!
My phone text queries to Georgina to ask about feeding, training and Vet recommendations were always responded to.
Thank you Georgina for raising a beautiful bird which has brought me so much happiness!! Quakers are amazingly intelligent and entertaining.
Arnold Tan (Dr) & Clever "Moses"
Melbourne, Australia

Arnold with 'Moses'

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